election angst

Sept 19 , 2016

Here it is, the perfect Nancy Drew boat. It just screams "Let's go sleuthing." Melissa's brother Peter recently bought it. It lives on Wesserunsett. Just a few days until Commonground Fair which I hope will distract me from election angst. Even though he will probably lose, it's depressing that 40% of the country would vote for a blatent white nationalist. I also find it hard to understand the thinking of the Sanders die-hards who are voting for Jill Stein. If Clinton loses, the progressive movement will be set back 50 years. Their palpable anger at Hillary makes me think they have unconsciously drunk the right wing kool aid. This election is Germany 1933 and they are stuck in unicorn mode when they need to be pragmatic.

giving up on summer

Sept 6 , 2016

Labor Day is not the end of summer. There is a lot of great summer weather left. But it is when people give up on summer and go back to their regularly scheduled lives. The real end of summer is Common Ground Fair which makes the first days of fall a celebration. Summer, the shortness thereof etc, has been my excuse for not doing real work which involves sitting at a computer and writing code. Some good things not involving code got done this summer. This bridge over Bacon Brook went in opening up the best part of Connor Mill Trail just in time for good shots of fall foliage. The communication with the land owners and the volunteers was tricky, but it got done. A bit of economic development work involving introductions of developers to land owners got done. I managed to move some IMAP accounts from one server to another without losing the email. If I can move some mailing lists over as well, I can lose the old host entirely.

Labor Day is when the election season is supposed to get serious. Hillary is going to win it comfortably, but still the idea that 35% of the voters would entertain the idea of the clownish, incompetent despot running an openly white nationalist campaign as president is very scary. Speaking of clownish and incompetent racists, there's our governor, the laughing stock of the world. The Repubs are foolish to oppose impeaching him. If they did, then Thibodeaux would be governor and in two years he could run as an incumbent.

There are a bunch of referendum questions on the ballot in November:
Question 1 Marijuana: Legalizes, regulates, and taxes marijuana as an agricultural product
Question 2 Education: Establishes a 3 percent tax on household income over $200,000 to be used for K-12 Education.
Question 3 Firearms: Requires specific background checks for gun sales and transfers
Question 4 Minimum Wage: Increases minimum wage to $12 per hour by 2020
Question 5 Elections: Establishes statewide ranked-choice voting
Question 6 Bonds: Issues $100 million in bonds for transportation projects
I will vote for all of them. Ranked choice voting is the most important because it would prevent a another disaster of a governor winning with 38% of the vote.